Brazilian Wax $55

32_for_a_brazilian_wax_at_bare_on_the_square_25610875-150x150If a Brazilian bikini wax is what you are after, we have got you covered. Oahu Facials specializes in Brazilian Waxes.

The Brazilian bikini wax is our most popular service. Using our highly trained Wax Specialists are able to provide a comfort pain experience.

Ask about our Unlimited Brazilian Wax Pass which entitles you to a year’s worth of Brazilian bikini services. This savings program will allow you to receive Brazilian bikini waxes on a regular basis so that you can feel beautifully smooth and maximize the health of your skin.

What is a Brazilian Wax ? Brazilian Wax is basically an extension of our Bikini wax service which includes as much or as little waxing of the bikini area as you desire; plus the back area as well.